Bauma 2022: The Unicla Wrap-up

Bauma 2022: The Unicla Wrap-up

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Bauma is the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

This year the show spanned 7 days in October with close to 500,000 visitors, 50% of which travelled internationally to see the latest innovations in Munich.

Although the world has fundamentally changed over the past few years, it’s clear that trade shows are back, with an undercurrent of enthusiasm permeating each day of Bauma 2022.

The expo itself is vast, with 3200 exhibitors and 495,000 visitors passing through the doors this year. From the massive displays of Caterpillar and Komatsu which filled almost a complete hall each, it was plain to see that some of the biggest global manufacturers had made significant investment into showcasing their newest products.

However, the expo offered just as much opportunity to smaller niche manufacturers and suppliers like Unicla, with our team reporting some incredibly positive results from a whirlwind week in Germany.

Unicla at Bauma

bauma 2022 Unicla was a late addition to the expo, moving off the waiting list and into a booth position just a few weeks prior to the show’s opening. With a stand in Hall B4 with our friends at Burgaflex, we were positioned diagonally opposite Daimler Trucks and Schmitz Cargobull: a prime location to talk to passing visitors who were curious about the range of Unicla compressors on display. Despite our last-minute attendance and lack of opportunity for any pre-show marketing, we were impressed with the calibre of visitors to our stand, 40% of which are potentially new customers.

Mark Mitchell notes that Unicla has certainly cemented its place amongst a swathe of other high-quality, respected brands in the mobile HVAC space.

“It’s the first trade show we have ever attended that covers such a diverse range of off-highway machinery and vehicles, most of which are now the perfect focus for Unicla. The feedback from existing customers at the show was that Unicla has earned its place as a respected and sought-after range of compressors for HVAC systems in these sectors. Of course, we understand this, but it was satisfying to hear it from people at the show.”

Mark also reports that the Unicla eDrive and eConnect were met with plenty of interest by visitors, another fine example of Unicla’s dedication to precision engineering and intelligent design.

valeria at bauma 2022 “This is a particularly strong example of us punching above our weight on the world stage, especially given the fact that we developed our own firmware for these two products in-house. So impressed were two European equipment manufacturers that they inquired about purchasing our firmware separately,” adds Mark.

Mark says that Unicla is a manufacturer that invests heavily in R&D, and ‘playing the long game’ can often take longer than expected to pay off. With many years and substantial financial investment put into developing the Unicla eDrive and eConnect platform, having a diverse group of respected and influential individuals provide such positive feedback is reassuring.

“It’s a good re-affirmation of our final product and the incredible time and resources we’ve spent on development,” says Mark.

“All up, Bauma was a unique global show covering all aspects of construction machinery, tools and equipment, and we’re proud to have been able to showcase the Unicla brand alongside some of the world’s most well-known vehicle and equipment innovators.”