Lighter, Simpler, Safer: Improving This Loco’s AC System with the eDrive

Unicla Model: UD150-72V eDrive Application: D Class Locomotive Contractor: Don’t Lose Your Cool The Challenge When the 2-cylinder compressor in the AC unit of this D Class Locomotive was due for replacement, Adam Reynolds from Don’t Lose Your Cool reached out to the team at Unicla. The existing system had been in operation for 20+ […]

New Unicla Family Member Makes Smart Decisions

decision tree

In this article, Unicla’s Mark Mitchell discusses the significance of smart electric drive compressors that offer real-time monitoring and decision-making capabilities. This results in improved system performance, extended lifespan, reduced costs – and ultimately – zero system failures. Smart electric drive compressors will play a role in the management of advanced design parameters and operational […]

Optimising Mobile Cooling Systems with New and Existing Technology

optimising mobile cooling systems

The topic of optimising mobile cooling systems is important when we consider it’s not just better cooling at stake. In this article, Unicla’s Mark Mitchell highlights the need for a holistic approach that takes into account environmental and commercial outcomes, rather than focusing solely on cost reduction.  Life cycle climate potential (LCCP) and life cycle […]

Unicla: Driving an Efficient AC System in this Unimog

As the demand to explore Australia’s remote areas increases, so does the need for reliable off-grid expedition vehicles capable of handling challenging environments in safety and comfort. A very special 6×6 U2450 Mog was delivered to our Queensland HQ last month by expedition vehicle specialists Unidan Engineering. The Unicla and SuperCool teams were tasked with […]

Sandvik’s Blasthole Mining Drills Demand the Best

Unicla Model: UPH170 Hydraulic Compressor Package Application: Sandvik Mining Blasthole Drills Project Partners: Sigma Australia Sandvik has been building advanced engineering solutions for the mining industry for the past 150 years, so they know all about making things last. That’s why they choose Sigma in Australia as their preferred supplier of HVAC systems on their […]

Learn Important Design Concepts in Efficient, High-Performance Cooling Systems at iVT

Unicla Presenting & Exhibiting at International Electric Vehicle Expo Germany’s iVT Expo showcases the latest components and technologies from leading international suppliers in the electric vehicle space. Focusing specifically on engineers and designers of industrial vehicles, this compact and targeted expo showcases the components, services and technologies that go into making the next generation of […]

eDrive Compressor cuts lifecycle costs for rail freight operator

Unicla eDrive compressor for rail

Unicla Model: UD150-72V Application: VL Class Locomotive Contractor: Adam Reynolds, Don’t Lose Your Cool When unforeseen downtime can run into tens of thousands of dollars per hour for machine operators, being able to identify and solve issues quickly and get the equipment back into service is paramount. Unicla Australia technicians Daniel Brown and Jon Mitchell […]

Bauma 2022: The Unicla Wrap-up

bauma 2022 messe munchen gmbh

Bauma is the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment. This year the show spanned 7 days in October with close to 500,000 visitors, 50% of which travelled internationally to see the latest innovations in Munich. Although the world has fundamentally changed over the past […]

Sustainability, Efficiency and Technology at IAA Expo

Unicla team at IAA Expo

IAA 2022 Wrap-up IAA Transportation is one of the world’s biggest transport exhibitions and the 2022 event has just wrapped up in Hannover. Held over six jam-packed days, the IAA Transportation expo showcases the most significant technological innovations and concepts from the transport sector, this year presented in a new ‘complete mobility’ concept that includes […]

The best hydraulic drive just got better

‘Plug and play’ design eliminates complex hydraulic connections Decades of engineering rigour have produced a best-in-class product, validated by exhaustive testing in our environmental test chamber. This has resulted in the Gen II Unicla UPH Hydraulic Drive: a compressor designed for universal application and freedom of installation.  Integrated solenoid controls for simple installation Our Generation […]