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New Bulletin – Importance of a good suction line

New Bulletin – Importance of a good suction line

An important new technical bulletin has been released by Unicla, to address the often asked questions about the variables of refrigerant flow to the compressor, and the impacts these might have on suction line performance.

The correct hose and pipe size connecting the main components in any mobile or transport air-conditioning system is important. However, it is in the suction line where extreme care should be taken in the design and size, to ensure adequate flow of refrigerant is present in the system at all times.

This bulletin covers the main system features adversely affected by poor suction line performance caused by pressure drop due to incorrect pipe or hose size, excessive bends and turns or a fault in the line between the evaporator and compressor.

This bulletin will be the first of a series of new bulletins to be released during 2018 that will answer similar questions relating to other aspects of refrigerant and oil flow dynamics in modern systems fitted with Unicla compressors.