New test – Unicla 200 series compressor

Unicla has completed a 200 series compressor comparison test in response to ongoing comments from Unicla customers and end users that Unicla 170 and 200 series compressors achieve better efficiency than other compressors of similar size in the market.

The test was conducted on a UXF200 connected to a Carrier Transicold Citimax 700 system operating with R404a refrigerant. The key findings were very positive as follows:

  1. Unicla UXF200 consumed 16 per cent less power than the Type 21 compressor in all rev ranges.
  2. This lower power consumption also led to a better coefficient of performance (COP) in all rev ranges. Approximately 20 per cent COP improvement.
  3. Running costs are also considerably lower for the UXF200.

Unicla engineers have attributed the positive results for this COP to the superior design of the Unicla working assembly and the manner in which its assembled with strict attention to working tolerances between internal components.

Download the full test report here