Unicla compressors are R1234yf ready

Unicla compressors are R1234yf ready

The Unicla UPY and UXY series compressors are R1234yf compatible.

UPY 150

Unicla began designing, testing and compliance engineering R1234yf refrigerant compatibility into UP and UX series compressors five years ago.

To help you learn what R1234yf means to you and how to comply with new and modified international standards established for the adoption of this new-generation refrigerant, Unicla has published a presentation that is free to download.

Subjects covered also include the performance characteristics of R1234yf and the requirement for Di-capped PAG compressor oil (Unicla uses Shrieve Zerol HD46 due to its excellent anti-wear properties and low hygroscopicity.

Systems designed for R1234yf must comply with new and updated standards relating to robustness the minimisation of leaks and mitigation of other malfunctions.

Unlike the switch from R12 to R134a, there will be no retrofitting of existing systems to R1234yf, which also has new service port fittings.