New Unicla Family Member Makes Smart Decisions

New Unicla Family Member Makes Smart Decisions

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In this article, Unicla’s Mark Mitchell discusses the significance of smart electric drive compressors that offer real-time monitoring and decision-making capabilities. This results in improved system performance, extended lifespan, reduced costs – and ultimately – zero system failures.

Smart electric drive compressors will play a role in the management of advanced design parameters and operational issues in the field. The Unicla eDrive is a new generation compressor in mobile technology. It has comprehensive system data onboard to achieve constant real-time monitoring and real-time decision-making.

At the recent iVT Expo in Cologne in Germany we highlighted the important outcomes from a compressor that can intelligently monitor and control its own speed within the cooling envelope of a system. The benefits range from system integrators being able to:

  • precisely match capacity of components
  • achieve consistent refrigerant flow
  • predict oil flow
  • lower vapour temperatures
  • extend system life and increase reliability…
  • but most of all reduce life cycle climate potential (LCCP) and life cycle costs (LCC) parameters.
decision tree

Smart compressors make smart decisions.

Take high discharge temperature as an example. This dashboard shows the possible causes in red, the actions in purple, and then depending on the conditions measured from the actions, three decisions are made which vary from engage variable operation and speed, to perhaps a complete stop.

Compressors of this calibre can outthink all other components in the system. And with configurable safety parameters to suit specific systems, the result is ZERO failure from breakdown.

– Mark Mitchell

See how the eDrive can lower life cycle costs

To find out how to get all the benefits of Unicla’s eDrive electric compressor, please get in touch with our technical team.